Koyopa Rising

I have a few more things to say before transitioning from words-on-a-page blog posts to possibly expanding more into audio-video creations. I have written a lot here on this blog. There is plenty here that is still relevant to this now moment. I encourage you to explore. What I receive and share was never, and will not be, trapped in time.

In all of my downloads or “unpacking of codes” at the end of 2019, I saw-heard-felt-knew that we were on the precipice of something huge, and what a good many experiencer-sensitives have known was coming. When I first got the news at the onset of this certain virus, what arrived was this:

It has emerged. It’s spreading. It will lay bare the current corruption, control, and domination in all that we once (collectively) believed was good and true, and all that we gave our power to. Certain countries or…

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