Koyopa Rising

In this episode, four-lifetime experiencers discuss our individual and collective way forward in conscious co-creation with life. We speak of this magical break from reality (for most), otherwise known as the COVID-19 lockdown, and why it’s important to use this time to go within and meet more of our unconscious aspects of self. We discuss the language of dreams, facing fears, acceptance of “what is,” and engaging our will as we navigate our way into conscious creation with Love instead of fear. We also touch on the very difficult times we’ve been through and how it helped us to be who we are now. All four of us talk about the Presence that arrives within to guide us when we make ourselves available… and how we can all make ourselves available.

Jeanne (top left), Zuzanna (bottom left), Eileen (top right), and Janine (bottom right), are all lifetime experiencers of contact…

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