Koyopa Rising

I never seemed to fit into any category of human life in a comfortable way, until recently, when the false world started crashing down. I know that sounds strange, but stay with me, if you will. I still don’t have a proper word or phrase for what I am feeling, except that it feels like, through the cracks occurring in the false world, there is a mirrored opening that is occurring within us – a reemergence of a greater identity, meaning, and purpose that is rooted in what permeates ALL Life – Universal Love, Law, and Light.

WildChild small

At the beginning of this wandering life, like many, there was an innate knowing of who I was with a clear sense of interconnectedness with all. And I felt deeply loved. This was an important physical-feeling marker for me. Thankfully, I did not forget it. But I had help with the remembering part.


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