Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

What are miracles but Truth revealed? You have hidden Truth from yourself, and when you stumble over it, you are surprised and delighted. Why, dreams do come true. Wonders abound. The sun rises, stars sparkle, and life spills itself at your feet. There is no event that is not a miracle. What a choreography the world is. What a remarkable series of events! What a crescendo. Exquisitely the universe revolves.

The orchestra takes its place. Each musician plays his own music, and yet the conductor conducts. Everything is in place, even that which seems out of place. Fitting or not, it fits. It fits in. It is there. The world is not topsy-turvy. Your head may be upside down.

Love surprises you. Time and time again, it surprises you. You trip over it. You were not looking. You were not seeing. Love has been dancing before you, and…

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