Koyopa Rising

UniverseWombYears ago, the messages informed me of these times, the great intersection between worlds. Last Sunday, April 19th, I translated the first message that wasn’t about the coming times, or the future deciding time. It is about now. We are here. Ground zero. Each and every soul has decided – consciously or unconsciously – its own trajectory forward. As a result, you may feel your light work changing to move with this explosion into a greater context. Be gentle with yourselves, and listen as you adjust with the greater potentiality of your being. From this moment forward, it is about expanding with each other and the Earth – that is, for those who have chosen to bravely open to this heretofore unknown, multidimensional earth. It’s time. Happy Multidimensional Earth Day.

Excerpts transcribed from a Sound of Gold Message: DivineSeeds.041920

“…many, will remain to assist those in the expansion of…

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