Oh sweet souls

Mystic Morning Blog

Oh sweet souls who wander for a short time through this garden.

Beauty will unfold drawing you towards wonder

Yet snakes will arrive to keep you on your destined path

Know that even the snakes are sent with love

Choose with awareness

Look within and begin to know your heart and the antics of your mischievous mind

Let not the thoughts of anxiety and fear whip you into submission

You have simply forgotten that you have a choice not to be subject to their whims

They will arise again and again but do not attach

The path draws one endlessly towards becoming a perfect reflection of loving kindness and compassion

Its capacity to flow through you is unlimited

Let go as you would let go of gravity in a dream

Let go of all that stands between you and the perfect reflection

Simply be the energy of love

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Brand New Day

Soulsoothinsounds's Blog

527BC15A-51FB-44B1-805C-A40955048346 Graphic by Maria Chambers

Will the current global pandemic, Corona, awaken the masses?  Well, the potential is there, of course.  Some will awaken to the realization that they were playing a game called survival.  They will begin to recognize that there is much more than the human mind and body.  But for most, they will just continue playing the game, and replace this crisis with something else.

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Channeled from the 9D Pleiadian Collective ~ March 22, 2020

Rose Rambles...

Editor’s Note: This message urges us to dream and explore that which you long to become. To imagine your life in all of the glory you desire it to be. Yes, Yes, Yes…please to this in your NOW while you are here on earth, while holding and BEing in…

Quantum Joy!


Octavia Vasile

✨✨✨Pleiadians: dare to imagine!✨✨✨

“We greet you all we love and strength, for you to flow with the energy outthere.

We receive many messages about channeling and how it is done, why only some can do it and why our messages seem to relate only to certain topics.

We want to tell you something very important, something that will totally change the way you perceive things: you cannot tap into a reality that you did not imagine before and you cannot imagine a reality which you did not experience yet (!) So, to say, for us…

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The Creative Force Of Death & Rebirth That We Actually Are

SoulFullHeart Experience

by Raphael Awen

When the old game gets boring and no one really wants to play it anymore, the game itself wants to die, but struggles to do so because people keep showing up trying ever harder to keep it alive.

The game itself is a living thing that takes on a consciousness of its own because of all of the consciousness that is invested into it. Money is maybe one of the starkest examples of this – a game created by us, as we mutually agree to a set of rules, and as we then try to abide by those rules, that game then takes on a life of its own and becomes a mediator of life. We speak in homage to money when we say things like ‘you can’t live without money’, when in fact money and physical life have no correlation other than the one we created…

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Unprecedented Highly Concentrated Frequency Light Codes

Rose Rambles...

Maureen MossMarch 18 at 1:53 PM·

Unprecedented Highly Concentrated Frequency Light Codes, codes not previously here before began last week-end and will continue into Equinox and 20 days after,I am told. We are being prepared for a much greater advancement than we have experienced to date.

Please use this transition time for Major internal house-cleaning. Rid yourself of what you no longer need and what does not want you any longer. Each day fill yourself with LOVE, POWER and WISDOM.

Call it forth from the Light, Power and Love of God that you are (I AM.) Use your words, your mantra coming from your heart.

It is crucial to keep your frequency high, not to project, to stay in your hearts, take refuge in your Divinity and remain peaceful during this Reset no matter the external turmoil. Be the Peacemaker of your Peace.

We the Lightworkers understand that…

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Ode To Spring – Elizabeth Bentley

Higher Density Blog

Elizabeth Bentley  


Ode To Spring

WELCOME, sweet season of delight,
What beauties charm the wond’ring sight
In thy enchanting reign!
How fresh descends the morning dew,
Whilst op’ning flow’rs of various hue
Bedeck the sprightly plain.
The artless warblers of the grove
Again unite in songs of love,
To bless thy kind return:
But first the lark, who roaring seems
To hail the orb of day, whose beams
With fresh refulgence burn.

The limpid brook that purls along,
The tuneful blackbird’s joyous song,
The softly-whisp’ring breeze;
The mossy hills, which now invite,
These with the verdant meads unite,
Th’ elated mind to please.
The mind with thoughts of good possest,
With innocence and virtue blest,
Untaught in vice’s ways;
May taste those joys by nature giv’n,
May lift th’ enraptur’d eye to heav’n,
And their great Author praise.
Stern Winter’s gloomy season past,
We see…

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Supportive Sun Codes During This 3D Detox

SoulFullHeart Experience

By Jelelle Awen

The sun codes right now are truly awesome! They are able to flow in easier and stronger with the 3D detox going on right now. There are crystalline activations that are inviting the inner masculine to Rest and Receive.

Lay out in them if you can to let in the support or access in meditation through the Great Cosmic sun.

Time to let the shadow of woundedness return where it wants to go, back to the souls that need to reclaim and forgive it as we are already forgiven by the Divine always!

I’m feeling how all of humanity and Gaia are really undergoing a VERY necessary 3D Detox! Clearings/upgrades of chakras, light body activations, emotional purges, archetypal recodings, quantum karmic healing, flushing out of dark energies are ALL more possible and happening now!

These sun codes seem to offer….We are SO loved and supported!!


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Resurrection of Light

Reflections of Riverman

Resurrection Of Light


Sacred Space Meditation Cards – Elinor Von Linden

I Am Protected
The Angel of Light protects and guides me along my worldly path. I Am never alone.

Let go of all worries and relax.
Feel Light creating a safe place all around you
Know that your Angels of Light are waiting to respond to you everywhere you go.
Who Are WE?

In our purest wholeness we are creators.
We actually create through our hearts not our minds…

Rene Descartes of the 17th century said “I think, therefore I am”
and was influential in laying the foundation of rationalism.

How is your rational thinking doing right now with the affairs of the world such as a pandemic.

What is rational to the mind is not always rational to the Heart.

Yet when you rewrite those words to say
“I Am, therefore I think”
there is a gentle…

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The Great Re-balancing

Coming Home

Art – Ashley Christudason ( Jungle Eye)

There have been conversations about the “Return of the Divine Feminine” for many years in the spiritual communities. Who could have imagined that a virus would be the catalyst for the decisive shift that is moving humanity incontrovertibly from the patriarchal systems that have controlled societies for millenia? In California , the decision to place 40 million people in “shelter in place” that is socially enforced quarantine was announced – literally – one hour before the exact moment of Spring Equinox. Equinox being the turning point, the balance of light and dark as we move from winter to spring. Could the relevance be more apt?

So a world founded on excess yang; societies founded on valuing the economic productivity of the workers above all else; cultures centred on achieving and doing – all of it is pulled inexorably and globally into a great…

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