Dear Grandmothers, what do you wish to share with us concerning the energies of the Equinox and Aries New Moon?

Yes, we are here. Welcome to our midst. We enfold you in the Love of our field of energy.

In regard to your current situation as evolving human beings within an evolving Earth plane of existence, there is both much to say and yet, little to address at this point/time. What we mean by this is best described by the example of two children at play on a see-saw. One goes up as the other goes down. One goes down as the other goes up. No, it is not a conundrum, but, instead, an example of the interplay of Light and Dark/Yin and Yang.

Another example: Place your hand in front of you, palm facing down. Now, turn it over, palm facing up – rotating – palm down, palm up…

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