Koyopa Rising

Our group met this past Saturday. It’s a “Connecting to Source / Soul Reboot” gathering that I have been guided and inspired to facilitate. I feel fortunate that we were able to meet one last time before these opportunities to meet face-to-face are fading. Yesterday (Sunday), I prayed and connected the way I do every Sunday. The thing is, I don’t consider myself Christian, or any religion or previously defined way of framing the basic Truth. For me, this fundamental Truth is what I know and deeply resonate withour Rassouli.AnahitaTrue God is Love. I needed to preface this sharing because a different kind of voice came through yesterday. It spoke softly, yet was so very powerful. Please do not disregard the message if Christ is not your “guy.” This Love was immense. Understand that it is my translation through my own life and childhood filters. If I were…

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