Reflections of Riverman

Embracing Each Other

Arising early this morning my flow of consciousness quickly became focused on the many ways we are intricately connected.

Especially now that we are being guided to socially distance ourselves from each other in order to slow down the spread of a very potent virus.

The message was very clear that no matter what we do to protect ourselves from any harm, whether virus or outright war,  it is impossible.

We are all interconnected at a molecular level which communicates unceasingly in ways beyond our full comprehension.

I like to call it “On a Cosmic Level.”

The current situation here on Planet Earth is one of deeper discovery brought about by the ongoing misuse of power and greed. Nothing new here, however it is an expansion into subatomic levels.


As the Sun appears behind me just peeking over the trees I’m reminded that this was occurring long before humanity…

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