Love's Beginning

You have the power to bring blessings into everyone’s lives. The world you see is entirely up to you. The versions of the characters you experience–they’re all completely obedient to your current perception. The film Nanny McPhee is an excellent demonstration of this. As she first appears, Nanny McPhee seems difficult to look at, certainly nowhere near anyone’s perception of physical beauty. But as the characters allow their perceptions to change, her outer appearance seems to change from harsh to beautiful.

The world seemingly around you (but actually in you) is that flexible, too. It is entirely dependent on your perceptions. When you allow your perception to heal, the world around you heals. What are you waiting for? You all have such wonderful work to do, so many blessings to share with each other.

When we speak of blessings, we don’t speak of fortunate happenings or of answers to problems…

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