High recognitions . . . Only in giving can one receive


“Only by giving can one receive. Give, but in the right way! He who understands this becomes renewed, bonded through love to all living beings, able to make use of his great spiritual knowledge for the blessings of many!

– Roselis von Sass
The author draws inspiration from The Grail Message, In the Light of Truth by Abd-ru-shin

Text and image source: Garden of Illumination https://www.facebook.com/GardenofIllumination/

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offer compassion rather than selfishness

Mystic Morning Blog

…tremors of great suffering and fear are arising in this realm….

be calm dear souls, your cries and troubles are heard

for we are one being …. completely interconnected …. capable of immense compassion and creativity in even the darkest night

silence your fears, and silence the thoughts of  angry sentiments towards others

we are all of the same one

light a flame in this darkness and seek ways to serve compassion rather than selfishness

then watch it spread and rise as brilliant than the morning sun

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LISA RENEE: “Spiritual Blindness”

Ascension Avatar

“Most people on this planet are living out of alignment with their authentic and natural self, which means they are unable to express Personal Integrity and Coherence. Pain is created when you are iinauthentic and living outside of Personal Integrity, believing in your mind you are something you’re not, expressing something to others in an identity that you really are not. Beyond experiencing abusive physical Trauma, it is important to remember that when experiencing painful negative emotions, the pain being generated is based upon lies and deceptions. Many times painful emotions are created from a deception in your mind that you believed to be true, when it’s really not true. When we do not know who we really are inside, when we do not have clarity on our life lessons and purpose, when we have not taken time to develop a close relationship with our body and self, we lack self-awareness. When a…

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Don’t let your sorrows drown you


Don’t let your sorrows drown you.
Use them to deepen you, humble and soften you. Use them to build your empathy and compassion for the world. Your sorrow was never meant to overtake you,
Like everything else in life, it is only a tool.
To beautify and strengthen you.

~ Hamzi Korme

Text and image source: Spiritual Awakenings https://www.facebook.com/SpiritualAwakenings/

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God’s Love through You | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Let your heart swell with love. With every beat of your heart, love is propelled. Every cell absorbs the love of your heart. On every level, love matters. Love manifests itself. It knows what it is doing.

If you have a list of grievances, if someone has offended you, or let you down, here’s the cure:

For each offense, from wherever you are, silently blow a kiss to the offender. Does that seem over-simple? When you blow a kiss to one who has been less than you wanted, you wave a wand over the offense. You are letting go of it. Love the one who was less than you wanted him to be. Love him anyway.

If he has offended you a hundred times, blow a hundred kisses. If the offense does not leave your heart immediately, you have at least given it notice. You are telling the…

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A Pick Me Up When You’re Feeling Defeated

Tiffany Stiles


Being stressed & depressed just makes you digress.
Forget about that mess & instead be thankful & blessed.

Don’t live in the past, or fear your future.
Live for here & now & you won’t feel tortured.

When you feel like you’ve been challenged to your core…feeling as though you take one step forward & two steps back.
Feeling like you cannot get out of the mindset of lack.

Remember that life is a dance with ups & downs.
To appreciate the good and great times we must experience both through this dance each time around.

By changing your mindset from that of lack & despair to one of abundance…
We open up new doors by synchronicities chance, not by lack’s redundance.


As bad as it all may seem, you’re about to pass the test.
So don’t give up now, & instead give it your best.

Think of all your…

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Silent Voices of the Night


Silent Voices of the Night

When the shades of evening gather,
And night’s curtain’s dropping low,
And the stars they dot the heavens
With their candles, all aglow;—

Then to me there come the voices
On each cool and fragrant breeze,
Stealing in from every quarter,
Creeping through among the trees.

And these voices, ever silent,
Scarcely heard, their steps so light;
Yet, to me are ever welcome;
Silent voices of the night.

When within the noisy city,
With its surging, busy crowd,
The voices keep a-calling,
And they seem to call so loud.

I can hear them pleading, coaxing,
And to me they call so plain,
And they have the self-same message,
“Yes, we want you back again.”

Voices of my little camp-fire,
Voices of the woods and hills,
Voices from the snow-capped mountains,
Voices from the crystal-rills;

And I ever hear them calling,
‘Till I feel like taking…

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