Mystic Morning Blog

to fall in …. prompts one to think….

perhaps a letting go

so that we can fall

no longer grasping fearfully onto imaginary thoughts all about preserving, protecting, insuring and further isolating the “I”

a complete letting go … as if falling with a surreal intent yet also as if helplessly pulled into an abyss of unknowing

a shedding of self which exposes us to pure vulnerability – original innocence

as if the “me” and all of its defenses doesn’t really matter anymore

a letting go of all of the thoughts and feelings that hold us back from pure love

… a surrender of all the attachments to this man-made world, comprised of  bills to pay, health care issues, insecurities, interpersonal conflicts, addictions, anxieties and fears

to just fall into …

love….when pure – a mystical experience of union…where all the surrendered attachments that highlight differences and distinctions, fears and…

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