Mystic Morning Blog

as a witness to this earth

a hidden light of blue, white and green shines in your sweet eyes

the life it preciously holds in tender hands

a precious light of life in your eyes

such beauty, such majesty

a round sacred pearl of blue, green and white spinning in a vast expanse of nothing

circling a life giving sun

along an ancient path

a perfect circle…

evolving, unfolding through endless epochs

transforming itself

a metamorphism into perfectly balanced gardens of life

a dance of preciously rare life in a vast cosmos of nothing but emptiness

embracing destruction and creation in an ancient ritual of creativity

light of life and darkness of death intertwined in a cosmic dance of conscious endeavor

…and here we stand…humanity….finally conscious of itself pondering the face painted on the moon, the distance of the stars and the infinity that stretches forever behind

who are we…

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