Love's Beginning

When you are hanging on to the logic of the world, you are doing so out of fear. We simply ask you to notice this today. Where are you attached to worldly logic? Where are you clinging to it for safety, which indicates the presence of fear? Only notice.

Fear is something you choose. It seems as if it comes upon you, as if you are victim to it. In truth, you chose to abide in this fear-based world, and you make the choice for fear-based perception. When you choose fear-based perception, you choose fearful experience. The choice for fear-based perception is cause. Fearful experience is the effect.

As you choose again, as you remember that you are doing this to yourself, you allow the world to change from a reflection of fear-based perception to a reflection of love-based perception. It is still unreal, a mirage, but it reflects theā€¦

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