Koyopa Rising

Nonhuman intelligence has been doing its best to “shake humanity awake,” meeting us in an intersection of consciousness that Indigenous peoples foretold thousands of years ago. In a variety of ways, we are being informed that we don’t have to live within the given, smaller-spectrum reality anymore. I would know. And it’s my life’s work and passion to help you know.

HortonThere are many of us. We have had different lives, different direct experiences, and different platforms and audiences in which to share. When we feel alone with it, it’s not unlike the storyline in “Horton Hears a Who.” Isolated and apart, with a sense of living in another dimension yet alongside you, our voices have been muted and silenced by judgment. But together? This universal project might be loud enough for the collective consciousness to hear.

There is an entirely different way in which to understand reality and an…

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