Reflections of Riverman

Kindness Flows.pngGood Day to All… And Highest Blessings!!!

Kindness Flows From A Balanced Heart
The Full Expression
Of Our Sacred Alignment

Acknowledging That
The Wellspring Of Our Sovereignty
Can Never Run Dry
Yet At Times May Barely Trickle

Our Inner Self-Balance Is Critical
Not Just Now, But Always, And In All Ways
For It Is Then That

As I came out of  the dream-time early this morning my thoughts were a bit unpleasant and distorted. They were revolving, or at times rapidly spinning, around past traumas and negative self-judgments.

This is familiar territory for all of us, yet not a very enterprising way to begin our day. For some this is a very common experience and very challenging to face each day, yet I write about it now as a surprise visitation.

As disturbing as this arising of negative past experiences is for us all, and…

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