Koyopa Rising

Below are two videos: The recent Panel of Elders facilitated by Matthew Belair’s podcast, and an interview with Clifford Mahooty, a Zuni Pueblo Indian Elder, interviewed by The Moore Show. In the first one, there were many technical issues but I feel it’s important for us to know that these elders have been, and are, actively sharing their Indigenous histories as well as their wisdom about these times. In Clifford Mahooty’s interview, he shares more about their connection to the (Kachina) star beings.

As often occurs when I find resonance with what I’m reading-viewing, related bits that have come through the Sound of Gold messages come into my awareness, so I posted pieces of a 2007 message here. With this blog, I speak to those who are interested in engaging beyond pop-spiritual culture or Facebook memes to fuel the spirit. If we are present, we are available to witness the…

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