The Energies Coming from Mother Earth ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

Rainbow Wave of Light

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have focusing our attention and energy on the ways in which all of you have been responding to the waves of energy that have been coming up from the Earth’s surface recently. We always want to know what is working on you and how you are affected by the various energies that come from physical and non-physical sources. Now, we have just recently discussed the crystalline energy grid and how you can tap in to that. Now we want to talk to you about the Earth herself and what she is doing as a being right now to support you. This beautiful planet that more and more of you are reaching out to with heartfelt compassion is the co-creator of this experience with you. She is what makes all of this possible for you…

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The Sunrise of Your Heart | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Your heart is a beautiful sun meant for all to see like a sunrise. The sun of your heart can be covered up, and yet it continues to shine its light. You can cover up your love as clouds cover the sun, yet the clouds do not stop the sun. The clouds do not even touch it. The sun shines regardless of what is superimposed upon it. The sun of your heart shines the same no matter how many fences and moats and shades of night do their cover-up.

You might as well give up on hiding the fullness of your heart. Cover-up is a lost cause. Like make-up, it washes off. Go ahead and use make-up if it makes you happy, yet how well you know that dimming the sun of your heart makes you unhappy. You may dress your heart in varied costumes of haute couture…

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Trust Yourself


DSC_0557 crp attempts signed(1)

Beyond every challenge
Lies the love you have for yourself, for creation, for your creator, for your creation.
That is your sanctuary, your victory, your freedom.
Nothing can take away your spirit, your light
If you dont allow it to.
You are not a victim.
If anyone attempts to hurt you in anyway
They are the victim of their own insecurities
Failing to see their own light.
You are free and powerful in your light.
Your light rises above all limitations,
Nothing can touch that.
Know who you are
Stand strong, anchored in the purity of your heart and the truth of your soul
Forgive those who hurt you and Release them
They are the ones most in need of healing.
Wish them to find their way back to their soul.
Tend to your own healing
With self love and the determination to walk in the light of the Divine

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The Divine Grid: Our Home, our Mission

Koyopa Rising

Rassouli.VelvetDream Velvet Dream, by Rassouli

When one has experienced the natural state, wholeness, the Divine Grid, the heart and body do its best to help us remember this. We are restored. This is what makes it so difficult to fit back into the world following these events. Not that many of us really fit in the first place. What has been constant throughout my life, and continues now, is there is always this Presence that guides me. I have a compass within, and a mission. And I’m aware that we are growing in numbers.

Over the past few years, I was thrilled to be connecting with other experiencers in Facebook and other groups. I met some extraordinary people. I even launched a media platform to record conversations with them. I loved it. It becomes a celebration, a kind of rejoicing in the body and senses – finding others who have experienced…

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Higher values



You may have encountered a challenge recently that has brought up a lot of similar memories and pains.
Understand there is a higher purpose in this as we approach the end of this year you are being encouraged to fully purify yourself from old recurrent issues.An old chapter in your life is about to end.Take a good look at that which has occured and what it really symbolises for you on several different levels.
Interactions that do not honor your values, your worth and your integrity are a part of the past.
They are no longer welcome in a life in which you honor yourself.
Whatever you have needed to learn you have learned and you know now that you no longer invite or engage in anything that is of any lower nature.
A lot may be coming up for you at this time
A lot of dissapointment, pain and…

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The time for egoic power struggles is coming to an end.

Johnsmallman's Blog

Saul Audio Blog for Sunday November 17th

Changes of great magnitude are occurring all across the world as the human collective moves at an ever accelerating pace towards awakening.  There is hardly anyone on Earth at present who is unaware that something of enormous significance is happening.  The mainstream media is reporting, as usual, on chaos, confusion, and catastrophe in various areas of the world, or more locally on dramatic neighborhood events that encourage fear, but these are not the changes to which I am referring.  All over the world people are being nudged and prodded by their spiritual guides to remind them of the intentions they set before incarnating to take up human form in their present lifetimes.  The state of spiritual amnesia that occurs when a soul chooses to take human form causes intense confusion because, while realizing that life as a human must have a purpose, for…

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Full E.T. Disclosure Is Coming ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton ~ November 17, 2019

Rose Rambles...

Editor’s Note: MmmHmm…here it comes! None know the exact time when other life forms are introduced into the public arena “officially”, but this article enhances this knowledge becoming apparent from a spiritual state.

The question is however…what does this have to do with Love and the answer is multi-fold. (1) We have a pretty clear understanding that ET life exists in another dimension, or at a higher vibratory rate than Earth has, so ET BEings exist in a “higher realm” than humanity on 3D Earth, (2) The higher vibratory rate for ET life would draw them even closer to the high vibration of Love, making the lower vibrations of greed and fear unavailable for them to hold.

Of course, we have had “space wars” described where Dark ET forces have literally fought those of the Light (Star Wars?) and those “Dark” ET’s are reported to have converted to the Light…

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