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Editor’s Note: MmmHmm…here it comes! None know the exact time when other life forms are introduced into the public arena “officially”, but this article enhances this knowledge becoming apparent from a spiritual state.

The question is however…what does this have to do with Love and the answer is multi-fold. (1) We have a pretty clear understanding that ET life exists in another dimension, or at a higher vibratory rate than Earth has, so ET BEings exist in a “higher realm” than humanity on 3D Earth, (2) The higher vibratory rate for ET life would draw them even closer to the high vibration of Love, making the lower vibrations of greed and fear unavailable for them to hold.

Of course, we have had “space wars” described where Dark ET forces have literally fought those of the Light (Star Wars?) and those “Dark” ET’s are reported to have converted to the Light…

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