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Editor’s Note: Ah! Finally…the truth of the all-mystifying topic of Love is reached! The author denotes differences in how Emotional Love differs from Spiritual Love and indicates how variability within the human emotional system can actually cause blockages from experiencing Spiritual Love.

It’s all based in the heart where the human heart must be free of emotional blockages (and trust me..we ALL have these to work through) in order to experience the Divinity of Spiritual Love.

Please read this article, understand how the emotional love you feel for another is not necessarily Spiritual Love, and BE…



Vidya Frazier

There is perhaps no feeling quite like that of suddenly experiencing
your heart bursting open to a Love that fills your entire being and
streams out to everyone and everything around you. Your chest feels warm
and expanded, pulsating with vibrant energy. And all mind chatter
ceases, as you continue…

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