Screenshot_20191027-215827~2Scorpio Dark  Moon: Soul Connections : Forgiveness: Clean Slate

The Scorpio Dark Moon opens a Gateway to Be Released of All Cords and Attachments to those Soul Connections that we have Wronged , either intentionally or unintentionally in any and all spirals of time ( Past , Present ,Future, and Dimensions).

Call on the Transformational Fires of Alchemy of Bast as Phoenix Energies of Kundalini Life Force to clear you of All Cords and Attachments that are attached to your Kundalini Life Force, as a result of Acts of wrong doing or Betrayals that you have committed across timelines. And Ask for their Forgiveness so that All Soul Connections concerned are returned to their highest and Sovereign Aspects ( without negative cords/ attachments binding them).

Hence a Clean Slate is Ready for those Soul Connections to come in that are meant to join Forces on Collective Collaboration for the establishment…

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