Full Moon Fire Divination: Bast: Fierce Feminine

One of my favorite rituals for Full Moon is Fire Divinations , and the readings of this Gorgeous Sensual Aries Full Moon Fire Divination were well….you decide…


As you can see a clear Scorpio emerged in the Flames and the channeling that came with it was ..

“Priestesses of Bast …It is  Time  for You to Rise. You will rise NOW , as the Sensual Erotic Fierce  Feminine who ReWrites the relationship manuscript between the Masculine and Feminine, the contracts of Partnership that have been so distorted via the influence of Patriarchy.

It is Time Now to Return to the Original Sacred Marriage/ Partnership based on the Sovereignty of the Feminine held in the Protective embrace of  Reverence of The Masculine. Even though you know you can feel, know and decipher more than the limits masculine reasoning will ever permit, you consent to…

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