FB_IMG_1571130267465Crossroads: Moth To A Flame

Moth: I gave you my life.

Flame: I allowed you to kiss me.

Hazrat Inayat Khan

CrossRoads!! That is where we are Energetically.

A Crossroads of Karmic vs Soul Relationships/ Timelines. Both have the attraction component of A Moth ( masculine) To The Flame ( feminine) ….but while Karmic attraction walks the path of Falling ( literally falling) in ” Love” , The Soul Connection Attraction …calling two Wholesome Souls to ” Rise Transformed in Love” post the healing of the Masculine. Sex/ Sexual Energies  act as a bait in both scenarios. In Karmic relationships Sex is the Trap of base physical satisfaction ( Scorpion energy of Scorpio). At Soul Connections Sex is the Transformational Fire of Phoenix Energy of Scorpio ,which Transforms both who enter to a higher Consciousness.   Patience is called for …we will soon be entering Scorpio Energies in November and thats…

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