Rose Rambles...

By Jamye Price


energies of the fourth quarter will be supporting us to Transcend
Duality. This is not about avoiding or obliterating duality, it is about
integration. Just like two opposite sides are one coin, or the opposite
energy of positive and negative charges are one atom.

For you to Transcend Duality, you areintegrating the opposites(or
separation) within you. What you resist, or what seems opposite is an
opportunity for you to grow and create a new wholeness. This creates a
powerful creative flow, less separation, more connective Love.


The energy of October was shown to me asCreative Love.
I was shown a vision of a heart breaking open, and mending into a
stronger structure. When the ego leads, the first reaction to
“strengthen” the heart is to build barriers of protection. This can be
helpful in the beginning to…

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