Love's Beginning

There is only goodness, and there is nothing outside of goodness.  Know this, and know this deeply. Know this beyond all surface appearances. Know this each time a judgment arises in your mind to fool you. This all the work of illusion using thought, and always underneath that surface of illusion there is the unwavering foundation of Truth. Reach for that Truth, always. More than that, abide in that Truth. Stay there, knowing how loved you and all are.

It seems as if not-goodness is possible in this world, and there is your proof that this is an insane world, manufactured by insane thoughts. Why is it here? It seems to be here because you wanted it. You wanted to know what not-harmony would be like, and not-harmony is only possible in an illusion or dream, when you have allowed yourself to forget the glory you are, the innocence you…

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