The Sisters of the Fey

As a part of the universe, we all collect energy. Some of these energy debris attach to us through our auras, especially when we encounter people who drain the absolute life out of us. I struggle with this anytime I come into contact with other people. As an empath, I suck up their emotions, to my own detriment. But, there’s a fix for that!

I believe it’s critical for everyone to learn how to protect their aura on a daily basis. If you’re empathetic, you are more susceptible and probably pick up other people’s energy.

Those blues you’re feeling might not belong to you! And all that political negativity, racism, and hatred wears me down! How about you?

What if you’re simply an intuitive person? If so, you’re picking up negative energy on a daily basis also. How do you deal with the energy drain?

First… please remember there are…

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