Reflections of Riverman

Being In ServiceBeings Of Service 8.9.19

Let’s think more about how We can honor each other as Beings of Service.

Yesterday was the Alignment of the Earth, the Star Sirius and the Galactic Center more commonly known as Lion’s Gate and a reminder of our connection to the powerful and unlimited energies of Creation.

As I rode to an Entrainment appointment in the morning I passed to lambs in a fenced area alongside the road.
Never before had I seen them on this road which I take frequently yet there they were, to give me the message that “The Lion will lay down with the Lamb.”

There is a similar passage in the bible which speaks of a time when “Paradise would be restored”

This is a part of the magic that happens when We choose to align within ourselves with our Heart Center and shine as bright stars here on this…

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