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Editor’s Note: Very,very nice analogy here…it is time to “let go” and relax into the New Earth’s birthing process. Perhaps it is time for all to…just breathe in and out as the chaos of your world swirls around. And also, don’t forget to BE…



via Karen Vivenzio

here dearest child of light. It pains me to see the birthing that you
are going through, this magnificent journey of light is so dark for many
of you right now. You are in the middle of the birth canal. For those
of you who are mothers yourselves, don’t you remember the pain and the
trauma you went through when you refused to let go, you had to push push
push for that baby to come out. The pain and glory of natural child
birth is like nothing else. First you have to receive, and nourish the
seed as the…

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