Koyopa Rising

Goddess Woman and eagles in Cosmic space.

The Mayan day today is Jun Tzi’kin – Perceiving the Spiritual Oneness from the Eagle’s view. Imagine the stillness, the pure presence and wholistic understanding that arrives in Eagle as she soars high above the Earth. Simultaneously, in any new present moment, she has the power and ability to initiate extremely focused awareness, zeroing in on the rabbit dashing through the field below. Eagle has the power to both attend to her family, and flow gracefully and buoyantly in the winds that carry her to new vistas of reality. Remember, the heavens do not disappear simply because we are focused on the mundane. It has never been either/or. Our consciousness was designed to perceive many layers of reality, to exist multidimensionally, and to also be fully present with what is actual in any given moment. It is an art. It is a dance. It is about trust. Allow the eagle…

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