wow, like wow! Thanks be to You, O Creator!

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Every time you make an error, congratulate yourself, for you are seeing progress in the making. Chalk one up for yourself. This is wonderful news. Your perception has already changed. It has changed right before your eyes. You have wanted to grow. Oh, how you have wanted to grow. And now you see your growth in accelerated photographs. Splendid. You learned something. You are really charging ahead.

Congratulating yourself applies to all arenas of error, from copying a phone number incorrectly to turning your back on love. No longer clap your hand to your head and say: “What a dummy I am. How could I have been so stupid.”

Now smack the palm of your hand with a kiss. Bless the hand that made a typo. The fingers of that hand have been typing tirelessly for you. Applaud them.

And if you have made a misconduct with your…

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