true for me this day. with gratitude and humility

Rose Rambles...

Editor’s Note: On yeah, baby…this is where it is AT! Holy Union of two souls. I have been there/done that a few years ago and experienced incredible JOY! Words cannot describe this “ultimte”experience!!

Feeling and knowing fear will not allow this to happen, so know that the totality of ALL of your FEARS must be set aside, “burned up” in the fires of love in order to find that moment of extreme bliss.

So…know who you are, place your fears aside, find that moment, and be…



By L’Aura Pleiadian

asked for it you got it! Up in flames the core temperature of the
Earth, the SUN, and all Forms are heating up as we are taken through
the FIERY purification process of transfiguration.

ALL FORM is transforming as the ALIGNMENT of consciousness continues throughout all dimensions, parallel worlds and Universes.

This is a PURIFICATION process you are…

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