SoulFullHeart Healing

By Jelelle Awen 

3D reality has been the ‘worst case scenario’ in many ways for parts of you. It can feel like the worst of pain. The worst of fear. The worst of suffering. The worst of density. And this current lifetime is just one of MANY 3D timeline experiences that your soul is moving through in this Now.

The ‘worst’ experience for parts of you is the pain of experiencing the original separation from Divine source and Divine love. This separation severs you at the existential level in a DEEP way that impacts how parts of you then react to and respond to EVERYTHING in your life.

This ‘worst’ experience of Divine separation creates a fragmenting of the self that seems to happen right at the moment of birth. The ‘light’ is separated from the ‘dark’. The experience of this-life birth triggers the original separation wound trauma out…

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