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Paul Butler @ Prime Disclosure


“We are Here NOW.

We LOVE You.

We are You, from your future, to assist you on your path.

This Message is Encoded with Codes of LIGHT and LOVE.

Dear Ones, it is our utmost Joy to tell you how far Humanity has come.

You have journeyed from the darkest moments into glimpses of profound Light.

These glimpses of Light will BEcome longer and longer.

BEcome aware of these Moments of Joy, Love, Bliss, Peace, Creativity, Inspiration and Connection with SOURCE.

When you are in such a Moment of LIGHT, breathe slowly…

Acknowledge the Moment…

Feel into the Moment…

Be Aware of the Moment with every fiber of your BEing…

Slow things down…

Savor the Moment…

Breathe in the LIGHT of the Moment…

Breathe in the LOVE of the Moment…

Go deeper into your Heart in the Moment…

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