Higher Density Blog

I AM one with God-Source.

I AM one with my Infinite Self.

I AM fulfilling my Spiritual Mission now!

I AM recalibrating and realigning my energy system
into my highest Spiritual Essence and
Divine Blueprint now!

I AM fully connected and beautifully aligned
with the three-fold flame within my heart.

I AM vibrating in my highest frequency and truth now!

I AM communicating clearly with my multidimensional Self,
the Guardians, enlightened Angels,
Cosmic Guides and Ascended Masters.

I AM radiating love and harmony
to ALL humanity now!

I AM receiving my spiritual directives
to fulfill my divine purpose now!

I AM fully stepping into my life’s work
and doing what I AM here to do!

I AM glowing in inner illumination!

I AM a fully awakened, multidimensional,
conscious Spiritual Being!

I AM communicating clearly with my Infinite Self
in each and every moment.

I AM one with Divine Clarity

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