Love's Beginning

There are no shoulds.

You might employ the concept of “should” or “should have” quite frequently. We propose to you that this is completely unnecessary. We invite you to throw off a burden today by releasing all of your shoulds–all of your shoulds for yourself, and all of your shoulds for everyone else. Set all of your “should haves” about the past free. You don’t need them, and neither does anyone else.

Shoulds are figments. They have no reality, so it is interesting how you convince yourselves to drag all of your shoulds around like 100-pound burdens. Simply drop them all. They will disappear.

You are joy, and all of your brethren across time and space are joy. Know this about all. When you see the beauty and truth of this, you will relax and know deeply that there is nothing to fix. All is well right now. Paradoxically, this…

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