One Month Without Posting

Reflections of Riverman

MTA Spring 2019

WOW… where do I begin?
Let me start out here on the top of Mt Agamenticus, here in York, Maine overlooking the amazing greening land and the clouds over the Atlantic Ocean.

I can’t really believe that for a month I have been trying to rectify computer issues which arose from a Microsoft Update and changed my life in ways I’m still figuring out.

We don’t really understand our addictions until they cripple our lives or destroy what we have worked so deeply from the heart to accomplish.

The minute details are really boring yet the awareness it brought to me is profound.
I will spare you the tedious and frustrating moments and express the gift.


Each of us have to begin anew every once in a while because we get far too comfortable and less respectful for who We are and what We do.

We need to clean house…

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Two Words for It: Just Stop! – Steve Beckow


Buddha ~ Mixed media art Samui Art Gallery, Koh Samui, Thailand


Two Words for It: Just Stop!

I went through an amazing process this morning. And I went through it sitting at my computer, in the midst of writing something else.

I switched over and began recording my thoughts after each had happened. The results were quite remarkable for me.

I’m in the course of writing an article and I got up off my chair to get something.

As I did so I felt random fear. In the background of my consciousness but always there.

Big Steve slid into the driver’s seat and said to Little Steve, in the most affectionate tones: “Don’t be afraid, Steve.”

Little Steve is my Wounded Child and Big Steve is my Adult, my Higher Self. Neither is my everyday consciousness (1) but either can take control of it and be…

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You may be feeling extra emotional and sensitive at this time
Do not be alarmed
This is because your heart chakra is healing and opening
This may have you feeling confused as recent events have left you feeling the need to be on guard, protecting yourself, your hurt emotions, your heart
And now suddenly it is opening without your ‘control’ in all its vulnerability.
This is because a heart that stays closed cannot fully Heal.
You are not meant to go through life with a closed heart
You are to be open to feel through life to heal yourself and others and to experience life in the fullest way, in its beauty and in its pain.
Its understandable to guard ourselves for a bit when we hurt but just enough to give us the space to heal
And yet to fully heal we need to be open with our hearts.

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SAUL via John Smallman – You have never been separated from Love – 5-19-19

Higher Density Blog


Saul Audio Blog for Sunday May 19th


We all – Father/Mother/God, supreme Intelligence, divine Wisdom, all of creation that is not in form (an unimaginably vast number!) – are watching with delighted and enthusiastic excitement as your moment of awakening draws ever closer.  And yes, I hear you as you again express your doubts and your irritation because we have been telling you for a seemingly very long time that your awakening is about to happen.  And to many of you it appears that nothing is going on.  Your doubts and irritation, even intense anger, increase.  This is completely understandable because, as humans in form, it is extremely difficult for you to access the divine field of information where announcements and bulletins relating to this most magnificent event are posted regularly.  You, therefore, are reliant on the channeled messages received and shared by those tuned in…

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Hilarion’s Weekly Message through Marlene Swetlishoff ~ April 3-10, 2016

Illuminations Now!!


Beloved Ones,

The new beginning that everyone has been waiting for has quietly arrived, without bells, whistles or trumpet blares. It comes as a quiet, peaceful feeling within the depths of one’s being and gently takes root within the garden of one’s soul. Peace within, at last! Let it slowly and gently unfold and blossom, allowing its gifts to be seen and felt. The stillness of the universe waits poignantly for the petals within each soul to unfurl, the radiance within to shine through to work its magic in the world!

The cup of Life in all its glory and majesty beckons one to partake of the elixir of knowingness, in full participation of the celebration of its diverse creation. What glory exuberantly makes its presence known! The beauty of the world waits for each soul to discover in moments of peaceful…

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