I was shown a few days back a Galactic Conference in Progress where Starseeds of the various  Star Nations Confederates were “Re-assigned” their Starseed Missions . It was the “Next” Phase ie those who have successfully completed their present Starseed Mission were given a New Brief of their Next Mission and this was shown to me as a Re-assignment of their ” Seats” within their Star Nations Enclave…something like moving up the ranks.

The Blue – Green Andromedean Confederates looked particularly On Point, Focused and In Position as if ” Something Big” is on the cards and Ready to Unfold…

New Teams of Starseed Mission Groups are ready with their New Missions/ Agendas as we move at warp speed towards the New Earth Crystalline Grid Alignments of 2020-22.

If this seems too out there let’s look closer home. Sun, Mercury, Uranus all in Earthly Taurus and Today Venus moves into…

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