Koyopa Rising

P1210447 Photo by Jerry Cooper

“Really, all I’m doing is giving people permission to pray – with sensory consciousness – beyond belief, theory, dogma, or conditioning. I encourage people to go beyond the deception, beyond these prison walls. Many don’t know or remember that they know how to do this. I see myself as someone who re-minds people how to consciously connect with Original Source. It’s difficult to teach, because really, all I’m doing is the reminding part, the pointing inward, just as nonhuman intelligence did for me. I can’t really teach you how to keep the conversation going. That’s all you. However, I can help lift you out of the pitfalls and cheer you on, because believe me, I’ve slipped up a thousand times on my journey Home to the vibrational Truth that lives within. I found that the most important ingredient in this recipe that leads us to our…

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