Blue Dragon Journal

Who am I?

You have asked the perennial question of humanity; you are Eliza, a lightworker, a starseed and a wayshower.

Are you my Higher Self?


What are your origins?

Pleiadian and Venusian.

So I have ties with the Pleiades and to Venus?


In what dimension do you reside?

I reside primarily in the sixth dimension, but can communicate on levels much higher. Our dimensions do not exactly correspond to ideas held by incarnated individuals, however. We move through the various layers of awareness with far more ease than you would give credit.

To whom am I talking to right now?

Your higher self.

Do you have a name?

Yes. In your language it would be close to the middle section of your spiritual name: Amariah.

Are you Kumara?

Do you mean was I one of the 144,000 souls who accompanied Sanat Kumara to Earth to save the…

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