A Legion of Angels | Sophia Love

Rainbow Wave of Light

April 11, 2019
From a point of pure love, I reach out now to a point of pure love. I seek information about angels. Is there someone available to connect with that information?
Yes, Sophia, we are here. We are a legion of angels, at your service.
Hello! Thank you for coming forward!
You are most welcome, most welcome indeed!
There are so many of you! (The visual with this contact was a huge gathering of angels… they went further back than I could fathom, I did not see the end of the grouping. Sophia)
Yes. We are gathered now, so pleased at having been called in this way, called by you. What is it you would ask of us?
Oh, there are so many things…
Go ahead then! We have many who are willing to respond.
Thank you.
Do you sometimes incarnate…

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Telos ~ Inner Earth Beings ~ A message from Telos Inner Earth

Illuminations Now!!

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Méline Portia Lafont

 Beloved Love Tribe,

A quick note before our message of today from Telos Inner Earth. A couple of weeks ago I was notified by one of the Beings of Telos that he would come into my awareness and into my life. So I knew I could expect a message after this experience. Those who have been following my work from the beginning know I have channeled messages from The Agarthians (Magatha) in the year 2012 – 2013, but never from Telos. So this was new for me and I was blessed to experience one of those Beings into human form not so long ago.

It was so special and an intense experience I had that I rather want to keep it to myself but what I can share is that I experienced a full merging with this Being and with nature. I’ve…

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You may find yourself going up and down
From moving forward joyously to feeling down again and stuck.
Be easy on yourself
You are going through a healing process after troublesome events and it is normal to need to take the time to do so.
Just as long as you are headed forward
Be gentle when you feel down or stuck every time a thought or emotion comes up again.
Youre human
And you need all of you as you move forward
Meaning that if parts of you still need to mourn a loss or heal a pain
Thats not only ok but important for your overall well being.
Love all of you
Love the parts that still feel hurt and need time
Love and embrace yourself
Give yourself some warmth
Some tender loving care
Some compassion
And allow yourself to Heal
You may take an amazing new step forward

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More Support for Humanity ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

Rainbow Wave of Light

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have the perspective on what you are all living that allows us to be optimistic. We understand why you cannot always hold that same optimism for humanity, but because we are able to see so much and feel so much, we can measure your progress better than you can by looking at the different stories in the news. There is a great deal of support that is also being sent to you by new groups of beings, beings that have never paid any attention to Earth before.

These are beings from outside your galaxy who have felt drawn to come in and not only observe, but also offer energetic support. There are several groups, none of which you have names for, but you would experience them as clouds of love, being wrapped up in…

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The Energy of God | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

I am approachable. I am more than approachable. It isn’t that you have to come to Me, for I have already come to you. We are present. Our hearts are entwined. Our love is One. Search your heart for Me, and you will see that I am implacable within your heart. You may not have noticed because you were looking for Me far away. Of course, I am across the seas too. I am on hill and dale. There is no place where I am not. You have perhaps been looking for Me in someone else’s yard? Looking over their fence? Surmising that they have more of Me than you? Well, beloveds, you can find Me in your own back yard, that is, to say, your heart.

I flow through you. There is not an element of you that is without Me any more than there is an…

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Integration Lifetimes and the Splitting of the Worlds

Laura Bruno's Blog

This topic keeps coming up in sessions, so I’m reposting this 2014 post, which I already reblogged in January 2017. As the veil continues to thin, more and more people are dreaming about past lifetimes and future versions of themselves. Karmic relationship clearing seems “up” right now for lots of people. If you’re on a what I call an Integration Lifetime, the rules of life are different. Understanding your Soul’s expectations for this journey aids patience, forgiveness and manifestation.

Integration Lifetimes and the Splitting of the Worlds

I keep thinking about Inelia Benz’s recent post, “The Splitting of the Worlds –Coming to a planet near You!” , urging people to consider an option besides simple light or dark … positive or negative. According to Inelia — and I had previously written about this, too:

“The physical separation is really up on the human collective mind right now. I would say…

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Archangel Michael ~ A Glimpse of You: From Vast, Non-Physical Consciousness ~ April 24, 2019

Rose Rambles...

a message fromArchangel Michael, channeled byAilia Mira

Hello Dear One,

We greet you in love.

We see you; resplendent and glorious. Creating here in ways that further All Life.

know that you are not always aware of your immense beauty and so today
we wish to reflect that to you, and if you would please simply read and
experience the energy of what we offer here, to you as a way of knowing

You are Divine Light.

You are Eternal.

You are Endless.

In all versions through which you play and express yourself, you are fully you.

You are never diminished.

Nothing about you is every anything less than whole.

The light within you knows how to thrive.

you honor what feels best to you, you are living intuitively and this
inner orientation serves you. We’d like today to talk a bit further

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