Letting Go of What Anchors You In Separation Consciousness (3D)

What are you telling yourself, your mental body, what are you repeating unconsciously to yourself, unaware?

If you are saying I need help from the higher levels, or protection, what in fact are you doing? You then, are anchoring more of your false beliefs and fears in separation consciousness that only exist in 3D and are your FALSE SELF.

Instead say, I am in perfect Union now with my Eternal Cosmic God Self (because it is the only truth) any thoughts of needing protection, only come from the false part of me, I believed I once was, when I was immersed in suffering and separation.

The truth is what matters. Even if you are conditioned, START speaking the truth. My New Book, “Invoking Blessings” is a complete system of firstly clearing you of past programmed ways, and then Blessings and integrating the truth of WHAT YOU ARE, eternally. Because you are, eternal, now.

Therein lies the great mystery ~ SPEAK THE TRUTH. Merge with the truth, align, integrate, let go of the old. Recognize the truth, only RELATE to the truth.

Another monumental truth, there is no time.

LIVE as though there is no time (because it is the truth) that you only have today, only now, and everything my friends will take care of yourself and THAT IS THE TRUTH.

In love always, with The Divine Council of Overseers, forever, NOW, eternally.

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Source: Letting Go of What Anchors You In Separation Consciousness (3D)

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