Soul Guidance & Empowerment

Complete confusion? Maybe? Or not. More likely a reshuffling. A rearranging. A re-readying.
>>>BE OPEN<<<

According to my Intuitive Barometer, the current energies are supporting both unlimited creativity and potential in all areas AND the feeling of confusion and inability to focus or even know where to begin focusing! A feeling of being in between, a feeling of impatience and annoyance, as again, we are being asked to pause at the same time as feeling like we are running full speed ahead. Instead of trying to make something happen or plan too much ahead, we’re being asked to notice the present moment and to celebrate how far we really have come, even with this ever-present, masculine workhorse on our back, that’s mixing with a juicy, beautiful, feminine life force rising.

It’s an unknown world we are beginning to experience as true sacred marriage is actually being born within, between…

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