Grief and religion

Druid Life

One of the things that religions have in common is that they offer answers to human suffering. It may be in the form of strategies to relieve that suffering by living in certain ways. It may be through stories of divine oversight, grand plans, or afterlife recompense. This is one of the ways in which I’ve always found organised religions problematic. Not least because so often, those consolations don’t turn out to be that helpful for people experiencing grief and trauma.

When you have to ask why your God wasn’t there for you and why terrible things were allowed to happen, you either undermine your faith or start having to believe that terrible things are somehow part of a grand plan for your own good. It’s a bigger issue for omnipotent Gods who are supposed to be benevolent.

We suffer in so far as we care. Love and grief are…

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The Profound Experience Of Grief

SoulFullHeart Experience

by Gabriel Solais

Grief is a profound experience in the wake of Loss.

It opens the heart to the bedrock of our humanity and our divinity. It can be where the two join hands. Ultimately in our highest heart and soul essence, there is no loss, just a death and rebirth, a transmutation of energy.

Of course, the circumstance and specifics of the loss can be quite jarring and extremely painful. To lose a child or other loved one in a tragic way holds so much energy than if it were in a natural one. Tragic grief is one that has so many dimensions to it that needs the time and space necessary to be as real and expressive as possible.

Grief is held by parts of us for so many reasons. It can be an inner child or teenager, inner shame and guilt, rage, and/or hurt. It is held…

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Loving Your Self & Parts Through Timeline Collapses

SoulFullHeart Experience

by Kalayna Solais

When a once beloved timeline shatters in our world, there is much to be with inside. Parts of us sometimes scramble to find the answer, a solution, a way to patch up what is coming apart or breaking. They do this in moments of knowing how much there is to feel about it all and they react in understandable fear and feelings of, ‘what NOW then?’

When life takes a sudden shift, we can’t see the forest for the trees. We can’t see the bigger picture right away, nor are we meant to. We can’t actually understand with deep clarity yet about why this is happening right now or what will happen next as a result of it. In the eye of a storm or the middle of an earthquake, all you can really do is surrender… and that takes the most courage of all. Surrender and…

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The Route To Authentic Ascension Lies Within ~ March 26, 2019

Rose Rambles...

By Jill Reene Feeler

Your Light Free. We do this for ourselves. We do this with truth, with
love and with a fresh perspective, on everything. Starting with our
sense of who and what we are… Because if we aren’t here to save the
world nor to help Earth ascend, then there must be something even more
important, personal, to our Eternal Selves for why we incarnated.

Beyond the distractions, that take us out of ourselves, out of life, there is the light. Within. Eternally.

The route to authentic ascension is personal sovereignty.

can’t think of anything more disempowering than pretending we are
living our lives for saving the human race or for Gaia. It’s the perfect
cover, for hiding our own light, by chasing it, in a world that is
beyond our control.

can’t discover our light in such deception. We can only chase it. Oh

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Remnants of Discarded Consciousness

We see here now, the remnants of discarded consciousness, those parts no longer connecting with its origin, are now being dissolved.

The falseness of an identity, that lives off of its feeding of suffering, is no longer being fed.  The starvation of this energy, is the end of this cycle. The disassociated parts and aspects, are no longer to exist, as they were, and will be recycled into the wholeness as pure light frequency energy.

There is the God Self Human Being that is Cosmic, then there is the replica, which through its starving, is shattering, dying, and will be obsolete.

The replica, as a robot like shell, served its purpose, revealing how its opposite, is eternal, and how the eternal is revered as its true home, with its house built on the divine and everlasting.

This shift, opens the gateways for all to be dissolved, for all to benefit as the energy is energy, and the everlasting is everlasting.

The God Self that is cosmic, is the true love, the true Being, and is not the shell or form, and is eternal light.

To the everlasting and its beatific glory, that has always risen. to show the true way.

It is only true love that always is and always was. The origin is this love, is eternal and is now.

We are with you in this shift, anointing you with  eternal love.

We are The Divine Council of Overseers.

In Divine love and power we transmit to you now.

In love, always L’Aura


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Source: Remnants of Discarded Consciousness

A View from a window

A friend says, I’ll be leaving this concrete jungle

at the first of the next month,

and get back to the shoreline

where I’ll cast a fishing line or two.

That may be correct in parts,

but from my window up above

I see something else

shining, bright and new.

From the treetops down to the very last branches

I see buds near fully formed,

awaiting their warmer call.

The sparrow and the starling

live there during the day

among their slender branches;

for most of these trees are young,

still in the excitement of ripening adolescence.

They send their ardor to all of us,

moment by moment,

in their own special beat.

If we care to listen we can hear it,

their sweet melody of trust.

Atop a distant hill lives another forest of them.

Taller, larger older ones

whose energies can be felt

even on the sixth floor,

where I watch them and listen

to the wise things they say.

It fills me with jubilation sometimes,

when I put down my cares and

listen with the soft beating of my heart.

At night, my window is just the place to be,

the stars and planets and the big white moon

are my midnight and early morning guests.

They come right in to my little home up here,

and strike up their instruments and play

their eternal symphonies.

the Universe conducting, of course.

And in the morning, the sun,

oh, joy!

his presence here starts the whole banquet

once again,

the feast of a brand new day.

I’ve Been Wandering In The Greenwoods.


I’ve been wandering in the greenwoods,
And ‘mid flowery, smiling plains;
I’ve been listening to the dark floods,
To the thrush’s thrilling strains.

I have gathered the pale primrose,
And the purple violet sweet;
I’ve been where the asphodel grows,
And where lives the red deer fleet.

I’ve been to the distant mountain,
To the silver singing rill,
By the crystal murmuring fountain,
And the shady, verdant hill.

I’ve been where the poplar is springing
From the fair enamelled ground,
Where the nightingale is singing
With a solemn, plaintive sound.

by Charlotte Brontë

Artist Bettina Baldassari
Text & image source: Snowwolfs Woodland Monk

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The art of being you


The times in life when we feel lost and when it seems that we have to push through to achieve what we think we want are exactly the times to get still, stop listening to the chatter coming from outside world or our over-stimulated minds and start listening to what our heart really wants. When your world apparently falls apart, know that something much more beautiful is going to emerge from the broken pieces. Every situation and relationship is here to show you more of who you are. It is an opportunity for yourself to know your Self. So how to allow the connection to who you really are to guide you throughout this exciting journey of life?

Allow yourself to be immersed in the moments of joy

Whether it is having a cup of tea and reading a book early in the morning, watching your favorite movie or going…

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