Connecting to your heart

Posted on March 31, 2019 by A Miracle Workbook

Being available to your life, means being open to joy, beauty and love coming your way in every moment. Being available means that your only wish is to be more of who you are, more of love, more of life, you are not wishing to live someone else´s life and to follow someone else´s rules for life. Being available means opening your eyes in the morning and being thankful for the opportunity to walk the earth one more time, for the opportunity to experience the love in your heart and the thrill of being alive. When you become available, life starts speaking to you. It will speak to you through people, experiences and synchronicities. If you listen, you will know how to respond. Your response is all that your life has been waiting for. Now, you can have an intimate conversation with your life all day long, where life calls you and you respond without holding anything back. In your wholehearted response you will find your Self again and again and you will experience what you came here to experience. However, to respond wholeheartedly, you have to be present to your life with all of who you are. Half-hearted response is going to create only half-hearted life and no matter where you go, a half of your heart will be still missing. And you won´t know what it is that you have been looking for, until one day you open your heart wide enough so it can finally embrace all of who you are.

Are you with your life now?

Living mentally in the past or worrying about the future leaves you with almost no energy to respond to your life now. And you are powerful only to the extent to which you are willing to embody all of who you are. Future and past are only mental constructs that are living of the energy of your mind. Can you imagine how much energy is released when you let the past go and when you stop fearing the unknown future? All this energy can be used to live your life now, to respond to your life now. If all the concepts about the past and the future were gone, you would be able to, literally, be, do or have anything and everything your heart is set on, because there is no one holding you back except the self you created in your mind and which was the representation of how you have seen yourself in the past and in the future. These false images were standing in the way of your one true Self, which is who you are now, in this moment. When you sink fully into the present moment you experience the eternity of time and all that is left is the present unfolding now, now and now. You won´t need the past anymore and it will be there only to remind you how much you have grown. The future will be a beautiful extension of your loving presence and the future is no longer separate from your present. The future is only more of now being experienced by all of who you are.

Anything you do, do it with your whole heart

Lot of uncertainty and mental suffering comes from waiting for the right moment to express who we are and to live the way we want to live. Every moment becomes great when you are led by your heart and you let it shine through who you are and what you do. Then when you look back at all the great extraordinarily ordinary moments, in which you have been all of who you are, you will be able to see that each of them was perfect. Every moment is orchestrated in a way that helps you to realize more of your Self, however, you have to be available to the moment and let it speak to you instead of superimposing your expectations and ideals onto what you are experiencing. The magic is already here. The miracles are already taking place. Their birthplace is your heart and the force by which they come into life is the all-embracing love. Are you willing to create a new world where shadows of fear are disappearing in the light of your truth or do you still want to hold onto the old, which is falling apart? You welcome the new life by living every moment as if it is the first and also the last you are ever going to experience. Your life is now. This IS your life and it speaks to you through these words. Give your life a chance. It wants you to respond to it with a wholehearted YES, so it can bring you a miracle after miracle and a love beyond your expectations. Let go of the expectations your mind holds, and instead allow a vision blooming in your heart, which is so holy and so vibrant that even your greatest expectation fades in its light, to be revealed to you.

Create the future now

When you are afraid of the future, you can´t see that you are the one creating it alongside your Creator. Each moment wasted on worrying about the future is a moment when the future is being made real. Since now is all we have and now extends forever, there is nothing that would keep you apart from the future. Your joy, your love and your heart joins you with every aspect of your Self. You are already whole, yet, there is no end to the expressions of love. Therefore, your work here is to realize and to allow more love to flow through you in every moment. And the means you choose for that are the means which bring you the most joy. The existence sees no difference in you being a baker, a president, a singer or a homemaker, God in your heart knows only how much of her love is being withold in each moment. Until you allow all the love, which is coming to you, to also come through you and into this world, you won´t be able to fully realize the goodness and the miracle that you are. We are all standing here with you and the whole world is awaiting the moment you allow yourself to be who you truly are in your heart. This choice makes for the future so bright that it can´t be predicted, it can be only created and experienced.

These words can´t give you all the answers you are looking for, however, their purpose is to connect you to the center of your being where all the answers are ready for you,


Photo by Jordan Steranka on Unsplash

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