You have traversed caverns, dark caves of the soul,

to recover, to find, to rescue and bring back into the Light,

those pieces of your crystal soul, your Self, that were forgotten,

remnants of you languishing alone, cut-off, separate, hopeless,

crying desperate tears of forlornness and abandonment

in alien places, places that were not home;

yet longing for the grace of the Divine. And in your own, sometimes

plodding way, you found them and held them and called

them your own. For that is what you are in that aspect of yourself

you call the blue ray. You brushed them off, felt their miseries and

called them your own, and when you did those things, and do those

things, you liberate and set them free, free to be themselves

and to serve the Source of All that we are, to serve us, the Whole.

And the guilt and shame and unworthiness you have held long

enough,suddenly just blows away, as the winds of Spirit take the

those charred remains of what you thought you were,

and showers them with Light and Love.

And you become innocence, the state that you truly are,

the original state of your natural being and self.

No different from the rest of Humanity.

We are Innocence, pure as rain and Violet fire.

Love and Innocence is our shared true identity,

our destiny, as we are all called back

to our place in the rainbow rays of the Great Sun,

our Home in our shared Universe.

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