Rose Rambles...

By Jill Reene Feeler

Your Light Free. We do this for ourselves. We do this with truth, with
love and with a fresh perspective, on everything. Starting with our
sense of who and what we are… Because if we aren’t here to save the
world nor to help Earth ascend, then there must be something even more
important, personal, to our Eternal Selves for why we incarnated.

Beyond the distractions, that take us out of ourselves, out of life, there is the light. Within. Eternally.

The route to authentic ascension is personal sovereignty.

can’t think of anything more disempowering than pretending we are
living our lives for saving the human race or for Gaia. It’s the perfect
cover, for hiding our own light, by chasing it, in a world that is
beyond our control.

can’t discover our light in such deception. We can only chase it. Oh

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