We see here now, the remnants of discarded consciousness, those parts no longer connecting with its origin, are now being dissolved.

The falseness of an identity, that lives off of its feeding of suffering, is no longer being fed.  The starvation of this energy, is the end of this cycle. The disassociated parts and aspects, are no longer to exist, as they were, and will be recycled into the wholeness as pure light frequency energy.

There is the God Self Human Being that is Cosmic, then there is the replica, which through its starving, is shattering, dying, and will be obsolete.

The replica, as a robot like shell, served its purpose, revealing how its opposite, is eternal, and how the eternal is revered as its true home, with its house built on the divine and everlasting.

This shift, opens the gateways for all to be dissolved, for all to benefit as the energy is energy, and the everlasting is everlasting.

The God Self that is cosmic, is the true love, the true Being, and is not the shell or form, and is eternal light.

To the everlasting and its beatific glory, that has always risen. to show the true way.

It is only true love that always is and always was. The origin is this love, is eternal and is now.

We are with you in this shift, anointing you with  eternal love.

We are The Divine Council of Overseers.

In Divine love and power we transmit to you now.

In love, always L’Aura


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Source: Remnants of Discarded Consciousness

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