Live my life as quiet grateful humility, a lesson I learned from Katie my dog who passed on in January 7, 2019.

Her life was one of beautiful enthusiasm for life and living.

May I live in such a way as she did, and may her soul and spirit guide me and be with me the rest of my days on Earth, and Forever More in Eternity.

We are, indeed, One. I cannot live on my own, I need the support and love of my Constant Ones, the real community and family I belong to, of which Katie, Kierka, Big Boy, Duke, Taffy, Ginger and Cocoa, Bob, Hootie, Squirrel, Golden Bear, Turtle, Dancing Deer, Featherlite, and Mockingbird, Robin, Osprey, Hummingbird, and Carolina Wren are all my kin.

May I not live in regret, or in self-pity, or in sorrow, but only in joyfulness and thanks for the gifts of life that are bestowed upon me every moment, every hour, every day.

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