a4fed7308419552d3a7d39a4cce1dba8As we emerge from the hibernation of the Trinity Month of March and Rebirth/ Revive ourselves to step on to the next peg on the Ascension Spiral we are being put through the ” Rites of Renewal”

In Ancient Khem , at the junction of Death/ Rebirth  a souls Heart was weighed on a Golden Scale against Ma’at’s Feather of Truth to test for LIGHTNESS and PURITY which decided the souls fate in the Next Phase of the Soul’s Journey.

We are at a similar junction Now, where we have to pass the test of our LIGHTNESS and PURITY , so as to board the appropriate ” Ship” on our Ascension Journey. For this Purpose we are being put through the Crash Course version of the Rites of Passage…The Rites of Renewal.

The Rites of Renewal is a crash course for all ascending souls where in they are led (…

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