Reflections of Riverman

Simply Awakening To Grace

Today’s talk was preceded by pulling 3 Angel cards out of a shuffled deck which were slightly stuck together. It always amazes me how My Guides and Angels get my attention.
The Three Angel cards were pulled last night before I went to bed.
Fire… Grace… Awakening

So…What does that mean?

In its simplest form awakening is about being asleep in darkness and confusion where pain and suffering is a normal daily experience.
Then we begin to gradually wake up and realize our relationship to the world around us has been not in alignment with our Greater Truth.

Here are the links to both the Video and MP3 versions of my Talk
Video Replay on YouTube
MP3 Replay on yourListen

Simply Awakening to Grace

Show Notes…

Fire – Nathaniel
“Gift of God”

Representing the fire aspect of Divinity which transforms our consciousness from limitedness to Divine Self. Sounds a bit…

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